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Dreaming with the Full Moon in Scorpio, May 2012

Posted May 5th, 2012 by Kathie

Dreaming with the Moon Reports will help you to use the energy of the Universe, through astrology, to follow your dreams. All charts for the Dreaming with the Moon Reports are set on the natural wheel with 0° Aries rising.

As I’ve indicated in past Full Moon reports, I tend to dream about qualities of the Full Moon at the New Moon. Well, the same was true of the last New Moon in Taurus. I dreamed that my brother was fixing my car, which actually felt like an extension of my body – my vehicle. You know how abstract dreams can be, and I only have a vague memory of the dream. It seems like my brother was either changing the oil in my car, or replacing the entire engine. Either way, I couldn’t start my vehicle, because the oil was drained out of it. In order to move the vehicle, I had to put it in neutral and let it coast backwards down the driveway, away from my childhood home.

Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio and the ruler of this Full Moon, went retrograde (it appears to be moving backward from our viewpoint on Earth), on April 10, in the sign of Capricorn. My brother’s natal Sun is in the Earth sign of Capricorn, and Pluto is the god of the underworld, wealth and, therefore, buried treasures. His name is derived from the Roman word Plouton, which means “Rich One.” Thus, Pluto rules all riches of the Earth, including petroleum oil. Some astrologers believe that the planet Neptune rules oil, but it makes more sense to me that Pluto rules black gold, since it comes from deep within the Earth and is an expensive commodity. Moreover, petroleum oil is a fossil fuel, which has evolved from dead, fossilized organisms, like algae, and Pluto rules death.

During the first half of this lunar cycle, I also encountered death. For several days, turkey vultures were circling above the pond behind my home, so I went to investigate what had died there. At first, I couldn’t identify what the dead animal was, because it had been stripped bare of all its fur. When I had approached the pond, an eagle took flight from the shoreline, so it must have been interested in the dead animal, too, and plucked the fur off of it in an attempt to get to the meat (?). I then noticed the fur lying on the ground next to the corpse, and realized that it was a dead raccoon.

The most striking feature of a raccoon is its mask, which denotes an air of mystery and secrecy, characteristics of Scorpio. Masks are also used in rituals to achieve altered states of consciousness for the purpose of transformation and healing, which are also qualities of Scorpio. “When we wear a mask we are no longer who we thought. We make ourselves one with some other force. We create a doorway in the mind and in the physical world a threshold that we can cross to new dimensions and new beingness.”¹

In this case, however, the mask had been removed by the eagle, I assume, which is a symbol of Scorpio, representing “one who has a wider awareness and control over its desires.”² The scorpion, which is the symbol most often associated with the sign of Scorpio, is a less evolved form of Scorpio energy, representing one who is “dominated by passion and capable of destroying others and itself.”² Thus, at the Full Moon, at 16° 01´ Scorpio, on May 5, at 8:36 p.m. PDT, 11:36 p.m. EDT, and May 6, at 3:36 a.m. UT, it is time to remove our masks, die to an old way of being and give birth to a new way of being in the world, channeling our energy towards something greater and for the good of All.

At the Full Moon in Scorpio, Pluto is in a grand earth trine with the Sun conjunct Jupiter and Mars. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio, and is the expression of personal desire. It’s more in alignment with the scorpion symbol. Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, and represents the rechanneling of energy toward a greater goal. The Sun conjunct Jupiter in Taurus represents an expansion and manifestation of something tangible in the world. Something is dying and being rebirthed, at this time, and is being revealed through our dreams, the planets and the animals, such as the turkey vultures which represent purification, death, rebirth and new vision.¹

Pay attention! What are your dreams trying to tell you? What is happening in the world around you? It all means something, and can provide you with self-awareness, growth, healing and direction. Your dreams and the external world  mirror or reflect you back to yourself, helping you to see hidden aspects of or buried treasures within yourself. “It is in facing our darkness that we achieve the riches of wholeness.”²

In addition to my dream about my brother changing the oil or engine in my vehicle and encountering the turkey vultures, eagle and dead raccoon, a couple of beaver also appeared in the pond behind my home, at the time of the New Moon in Taurus. According to Ted Andrews, who wrote Animal-Speak, a book about animal symbolism, the beaver represents the building of dreams.¹ To have a home and family is one of the most common dreams of the average person. Thus, “if beaver has come into your life,” Andrews says, “ask yourself some important questions. Have you been neglecting your most basic dreams? Are your dreams in need of some repair work? Are you or others around you becoming too lost in their dreams—always dreaming and never acting upon them? Is your home in need of repair?”¹

Now, the appearance of the beaver in my life certainly has significance for me, on a personal level, but I also believe that it has significance on a collective level. The Earth is home to all of us, and it is being depleted and stripped bare of natural and necessary resources and living creatures. The drilling and production of oil is destroying our home. According to a Wikipedia article, about 70% of petroleum was used for transportation, in 2007. Our vehicles do not run without it. But it’s time to surrender, and allow ourselves to die to an old way of being. We think that we’re fighting for our survival, but we’re really killing ourselves, in more ways than one. It’s time to evolve to a higher level of being.

As I was writing the last paragraph, I signed onto the Internet to do research on petroleum oil, and an MSN video entitled, “One World Trade Center Rises in Time-Lapse,” appeared on my computer screen. As I watched the video, I was brought to tears by poignant synchronicity of it. The phoenix rising from the ashes is yet another symbol of Scorpio. It represents the “transfiguration and rebirth from the ashes of ego desires.”² The war the United States has waged, as a result of 9/11, is not really about defending or protecting its people against terrorists, it’s about greed and power over oil. As the title of the video indicates, however, we are “One World.” Thus, when we kill others and destroy the Earth, we destroy ourselves. It’s time to build a new dream, one that is beneficial to Earth and all of Her inhabitants.

The energy of the Full Moon in Scorpio is providing us with the energy to rebirth ourselves and manifest our dreams. At the Full Moon, Pluto is also squaring Uranus, and Mars is in opposition to Neptune, indicating a struggle between the old and new and the self and the collective. However, Neptune is also in a trine aspect to Saturn, which is still retrograde in Libra, indicating that there is the potential for collective healing through a restructuring of our relationships with others and ourselves. As the apex planet of an opposition between Saturn and Mercury,Venus is showing us that expressing love will help to remove any communication barriers we may have with others, as well as ourselves.

Scorpio rules the shadow aspects of our ourselves, or the parts of ourselves that we have rejected and disowned, including positive qualities, so use the energy of this Full Moon in Scorpio to love all aspects of yourself, including your body. Remove your mask, and uncover hidden aspects of yourself, buried treasures.  Then take action, and use your talents to build a new dream for yourself and others. ”It is true that dreams without action, without ‘product,’ have given the dreamer a bad name.  It is also more than true that action without vision has given our species a bad name….Dreamers who produce are the most valuable citizens of the world.  They are the true leaders of society.”  ~Thomas Lane, The Artists’ Manifesto


¹Ted Andrews, Animal-Speak [Saint Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 2000].

²Stephanie Austin, Archetypal Astrology [Pleasant Hill, CA: JFKU Course Reader, 2002].


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